The Lowdown on Grooming Your Goldendoodle’s Ears

A reader recently asked us a question: Do You Have To Pluck Goldendoodle Ears?

Assuming you mean plucking in the sense of ear hair, the answer is no, you don’t have to pluck your goldendoodle’s ears. But there are a few reasons why you might want to consider it. Read on to learn more about goldendoodle ear care.

No, you don’t have to pluck goldendoodle ears!

The goldendoodle breed is often beloved for its regal looks and esteemed hybrid vigor. But sometimes owners worry that they will need to groom goldendoodles’s ears to keep them looking neat.

The truth is, goldendoodle ears don’t require any special type of grooming! While goldendoodle ear hair does grow long and thick, it’s generally not necessary to pluck or trim the fur in order to maintain an aesthetic look.

Their shape should remain naturally lush because goldendoodles have curly fur coats which create a beautiful silhouette around their faces. So the next time you see your goldendoodle pupper with those velvety ears, do not fear—there’s no need for plucking!

Their ears are naturally floppy and don’t require any special care

Goldendoodles are a popular pet for many pet owners, and with good reason! Their jovial personalities, playful nature, and gentle temperament make them a great addition to any family. And caring for goldendoodle doesn’t require a lot of extra work either.

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Unlike some other breeds, goldendoodle’s have floppy ears that don’t require any special care; no extra cleaning or frequent vet visits required to keep them healthy.

So if you’re looking for low-maintenance pet that will bring life to your home, goldendoodles are definitely worth considering!

If you do decide to pluck their ears, be sure to use a cotton swab dipped in baby oil to avoid hurting them

Goldendoodles are known for their beautiful and unique appearance, including the iconic ears that stand upright on the sides of their head. Unfortunately, goldendoodle owners sometimes need to pluck out the feathers from inside of their goldendoodle’s ears in order to keep them looking neat and attractive.

While plucking goldendoodle ears is not a pleasant task for goldendoodle owners, taking care in how it is done is essential to ensure that your goldendoodle doesn’t suffer any unnecessary pain or discomfort. To make sure a goldendoodle isn’t hurt while its ears are being plucked, make sure you use a cotton swab dipped in baby oil when doing so – this will help make it less painful and right the process smoother.

Only pluck the hair inside their ear canal – don’t try to shape their outer ear

When it comes to goldendoodle grooming, there are certain places best left to the professionals. Shaping the goldendoodle’s outer ears should only be done by a certified groomer – attempting at home could lead to long term damage for your pup.

Regularly plucking the hair in their ear canal helps keep goldendoodles tidy and prevent infection, but plucking with tweezers of any kind should only take place within the confines of their ear canal. It’s important to be careful and make sure you don’t pull on delicate skin around the ear or tug too hard when plucking!

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Be patient and gentle when plucking their ears, and give them lots of treats afterwards!

When it comes to goldendoodles, regular ear plucking is necessary for their hygiene and overall health. But grooming your goldendoodle’s ears needs to be a gentle experience for your pup. Gently comfort and talk to your pup, as you carefully pluck their ears – with simple treats during the procedure helps considerably!

Afterwards, offer small rewards often and lavish tons of love and praise, as this will reinforce good behavior and reassure your goldendoodle that everything is okay. With patience, gentleness, and lots of treats along the way, goldendoodle owners can have successful ear plucking experiences.

Ultimately, goldendoodle owners don’t have to worry about plucking their pup’s ears if they prefer their natural, floppy look. If you do want to pluck your dog’s ears, however, make sure you do it with patience and care – use a cotton swab dipped in baby oil and only pluck the hair inside the ear canal.

Of course, they deserve lots of rewards and treats afterwards! No matter how you choose to groom your goldendoodle’s ears, never forget the most important part of taking care of them: lots of love and belly rubs!